About Smartcook®

Smartcook is a safe, affordable and modern way to cook for Nairobi households. Buy a Smartcook stove that is designed for you: fast, safe and easy-to-use. Then refill your stove with the kibuyu smart which fits KOKOpoint fuel dispensers in your neighbourhood. Smartcook runs off ethanol fuel, a clean by-product of the sugar industry.

The Best Way to Cook


  • Start cooking immediately
  • Finish your meal faster using two burners
  • Use high setting for super powerful flame


  • Pay only half the price of a 2-burner gas stove kit
  • Reduce your monthly fuel spend*
  • Purchase as little as KSh30 of fuel at a time


  • No smell or harmful smoke
  • No dirty hands or sooty pots
  • No oily fuel containers or rags


  • Light stove instantly using regular matchstick
  • Control & shut-off flame easily
  • Get fuel from a KOKOpoint® within your neighbourhood

safe **

  • Won’t explode if burners are left open
  • No contact with fuel using Kibuyu SMART
  • Fuel cap locked during cooking
* Fuel cost comparison depends on fuel prices & individual cooking habits
** Follow all instructions in Welcome Manual to ensure safe use

Nairobi Loves Smartcook®

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